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4 Habits that are Causing Your Eyes to Prematurely Age

For most of us, there simply isn’t enough time in the day, whether its to complete work, independent projects, taking part in leisure activities, or even just to get some more – I bet we could all do with at least a few more hours in each day. The latter point is one of the most common concerns amongst individuals across the United States, as the vast majority of us simply aren’t getting enough sleep on a nightly basis. According to Dr. Lodha, the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has to offer, lack of sleep, coupled with issues like genetics, gravity, stress, and our poor overall skincare regimen – are the main causes of signs of aging along the eyes such as crows’ feet, under-eye bags, and dark spots. These all too common issues are adding years to our appearance, making some of us look much older than we really are. And while it is affecting us so much so at this age, can you imagine just how bad it could get a few years from now? According to Dr. Lodha, the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has in practice, these unwanted signs of aging along our eye area are the most prominent signs of aging and while much of these issues come from a lack of overall sleep, in reality there are also a number of different mistakes we are making when it comes to the care for the skin around our eyes – find out what these all too common issues are below.

· Scrubbing the Eyes

This is one of the biggest mistakes made amongst both men and women, throughout the United States. Sure, women are told about the importance of removing their eye makeup before bed, no matter how tired they might be. However, one issue with the majority of eye makeup is that its hard to take off, and it can be especially annoying late at night, when all you wanna do is sleep. This common issue leads most women to vigorously rub their eyes, causing us to tug at the delicate under-eye skin. This causes a number of different issues such as broken capillaries, dark circles, unwanted bags, and much more – all because you just wanted to rub your eyes to get your makeup off. According to Dr. Lodha, the top dermatologist Midtown Manhattan has around, its best not to rub your eyes, but rather opt for an oil-based cleanser, which will cause your makeup to come off far faster and easier than any other product or soap and water ever will.

· An Eye Cream

One of the simplest and most important things you can do to care for your eyes, is the use of an under-eye cream or sometimes known as an overnight cream – as we often apply it during the night as we sleep. As the top dermatologist Hudson Yards has to offer, Dr. Lodha, an eye cream is one of the most important components of your anti-aging regimen; it’s also one of the most commonly overlooked. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your entire body, making it much more sensitive and susceptible to damage.

· Facial Toning Device

In addition to using the right type of eye creams, one of the most important methods of treating the skin under our eyes calls for the use of a facial toning device in order to quickly firm and tone sagging, damaged, sometimes blemished skin. According to Dr. Lodha, the top dermatologist Hudson Yards has to offer, designed to deliver gentle microcurrent energy, an at-home toning device can smooth and tighten the look of skin in just five minutes – taking years and unwanted fine lines off your face in no time.

· Poor Diet

For many individuals with under-eye issues, using a concealer is their main means of combating such issues, however, rather than just hiding or concealing your unwanted issues, the best thing you can do is to improve your unhealthy lifestyle. The most important aspect of which is your diet. According to Dr. Lodha, the top dermatologist Hudson Yards has to offer, to begin with make sure your diet is rich in nutrients necessary for brighter, younger-looking skin around the eyes: Vitamin K encourages collagen production and new cell growth; vitamin C brightens skin and prevents further damage; and vitamin B boosts the production of fatty acids, which helps the skin retain elasticity.

For more information on all we need to know about improving your under-eye skin and other skincare issues, be sure to contact Pura Dermatology today.

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